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Changes are coming!!

I wanted to take the chance to thank you all for joining us on this grand beer to your door experiment! We’ve learned a lot of things this past year – how to ship beer without it breaking (not as easy as it seems!), how to can four new beers every month, how hard it is to catch people when they are at home (it’s like waiting for the cable guy, we know!), and just a little bit about what you do and don’t like.

Taking all of this into consideration, we are making Five Big Changes to bring you a better box of beer! Over the long haul, we think it’s going to make for a better program that will provide you more access to awesome products from Devils Backbone and give you the opportunity to guide our beverage innovation!
Here’s how:

1. WE HEARD YOU. YOU HELP PICK THE BEERS! We will ask members to tell us their favorite two beers from each month’s box. The following month, we will include those two beers again, along with two entirely new beers. If you really like a beer, and want to see it again and again, vote for it and lobby the membership! If you hate it, vote it off the island and we’ll never make it again! To kick this off, we will bring back two of our most popular beers from year one, along with two entirely new beers. Month one of the new program will be May, exactly one year after we launched Bounce Box! We should get a good innovation feedback loop going where two beers survive to live another month because of your input, and two new beers will rise like phoenixes from the ashes of earlier ideas. We will send out a survey each month where you can vote for your two favorite beers so make sure you subscribe to our emails! We will host a virtual tasting at the end of May to kick off this new brew experience. Stay tuned for an event invite!

2. NEW NAME! We are changing the name and moving our project into the Devils Backbone fold. Stay tuned for that update – in the meantime you can keep pointing to, and we’ll take care of the rest! The new website and ordering platform will eventually exist on the website.

3. NEW CANS! You’ll see some updates to the can designs. We’ve done some really cool stuff with art over the past year. We’ll evolve the design of the can to be a little more user friendly and a little more high tech. Sometimes the process drives the design in new directions!

4. KEEP THE OLD PRICE, GET THE NEW STUFF! For all of you members, we are locking you in at your current pricing, and you’ll continue to receive the same (or more!) beer going forward. You’ll keep the beer coming, plus you’ll be rolled into our new membership program:

o NEW PICKUP OPTIONS - Curbside Pickup &/Or Shipping (customer choice, shipping fee applies)
o DISCOUNTS ON DB FOOD AND MERCHANIDISE - 20% Food at our Lexington and Roseland Pub locations and Merch Discount, online or onsite
o SPECIAL DEALS ON PACKAGE BEER Member’s only offerings for DB beer and wine products from our pubs or online
o EXTRA DRAFT BEER 4 extra ounces for free on all draft pours, plus your own mug!.
o VIP ACCESS TO LAUNCH EVENTS @ our Lexington Taproom and Roseland Innovation Lab
o STARTER KIT @ SIGN-UP glassware, membership card, hat & beer tasting notebook. We’ll send you yours in the mail soon.
o NEW PRICING If you signed up before we update the program on our website, nothing will change. As long as you keep renewing, you’ll keep your legacy rate and pack size!
 4 pack $25/month pickup, $35/month shipped, or prepay for $250/pickup, $325 shipped
 12 pack $50/month Pickup, $65/month shipped, or prepay $500/pickup, $600 shipped

Our team will follow up with more information in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, look forward to receiving more great beer, and some new swag, in the mail!

All the best,

The bounce box team

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